17th February 2018

Well, better late than never, but I may still qualify for a target of a monthly website update, as I did one in January, and now here's February's offering. I can cheat for next month as I have a mass of half-finished outfits as well as the usual tops needing bottoms/bottoms needing tops! But I have managed to clear two large bags of homeless fabrics and am feeling good every time I walk past the overflowing bin bag of fabric bits that I've managed to throw out - I should put it outside for recycling, but at the moment, it's reminding me that there's still more to be done, although I'm feeling a little more in control!

Work for May's Sasha Celebration Weekend is well in hand - I have a schedule for completing my 50 workshop kits, at 5 per week, and have 30 more to go, so will be finished on those in good time. Plans are afoot for summer outfits and I have also invested in some VERY expensive software (expensive as in the cost of a '68 Sasha with change!) for my embroidery machine, so I'm slowly working out how to use that so that I can do my own designs.

For those of you who have not visited the website for a while, I've introduced an FAQs section on the info page, and this page is also new - a page for bits and bobs! It's not complete yet and will develop in the coming months, but in particular, I'd love you to send in photos of your Sashas and Gregors in their Dollyd's outfits so that I can display them in the Cool Doods Corner, below - I'm hoping this won't cause format problems! - as well as your feedback, which I would credit anonymously if you prefer. I'm also intending to write a little about how Dollydoodles started, for anyone who is interested!

I still need to add a section about specification - what fabrics are used, how they do up, etc - for the Info page, so please ask in the meantime if you have any concerns here.

And meanwhile, thank you for your visit - I hope it will be one of many more!


About Dollydoodles

To follow!

The 'Cool Doods' Corner

Send in your photos of Sasha and Gregor dressed in their Dollydoodles outfits!
The Likely Lads 2 014 Copy 2
The boys from Kendal's 'Brood' - many of whom have now gone their separate ways. A likely bunch if ever there was!
g1 Dee Copy
Dee's boys, looking very well-behaved
The Dukes Copy
George, king of the Dukelet toddlers, with his brothers
P1020676 1

And a 'Full Monty' of Gregors in their summer gear. (My apologies - this photo was sent a while ago and I can't remember who sent it, so please let me know if it is yours and I will credit it)

image1 Copy
All the way from Canada, we welcome Carol's two beauties - setting off for a ballet lesson, maybe?

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